Why Taha Group

We have the advantage of being part of group that is a major cutting edge retailer with almost all of its product being in-house designed.


  • At Taha we have the advantage of being part of a group that is a major cutting edge retailer with almost all of its product being in-house designed
  • Each of our production companies strives continually to be innovative and creative to provide newness of :
    Fabric… functionality and fashionability Printing and Embroidery… latest techniques, and product safety
  • Garment Design… with our dedicated product development and design teams for each product group, and in some cases for individual customers


  • We recognise that adherence to agreed delivery dates underpins our reputation for reliability just as much as does our quality
  • Our strict (and visible!) Critical Path processes allow our teams and our customers’ teams to be continually briefed both on and offline about the status of any particular programme
  • As with quality performance, our on-time delivery record is measurable and verifiable and stands scrutiny as an industry leader


  • Taha Group is proud of its international reputation as a manufacturer of top quality fabrics and garments
  • The quality monitoring processes we have in place are recognised to be of industry leader standard, with the strongest emphasis being on prevention rather than cure
  • The results of our stringent and ever improving procedures are measurable and verifiable with our main trading partners.

Such speed of response allow our partners to enjoy the benefits of HIGHER NET MARGIN!


  • Our future depends on our speed and flexibility
  • With one of our biggest trading partners we promise that for repeat orders we will have the goods on display in store less than 28 days from the placing of the order. Many times we beat this target by more than a week